AVerMedia Technologies Inc.

AI Speakerphone (AS311)

$ 99.99 $ 149.99

Clear Conversations

Outstanding audio quality from this USB conference speakerphone ensures you can hear and be heard with clarity. Easy-to-use design to make work from home, remote teaching, and huddle room meetings more efficient.   

Suppress Background Noises

Ensure all participants can hear your voice clearly with AI by suppressing background noises on your end so no one will hear your dog barking, baby crying, construction, traffic sounds, and more. 

Simple Touch Controls

LED touch controls to help you quickly adjust the volume or mute yourself without transmitting audible noise.    

Easy Setup

Simply plug into your USB port to start using with your favorite video collaboration platforms, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Webex, and more.  

No More Echo

Removes echo and reverberation so you can hear and be heard with clarity, even in small, compact rooms.  

Conference in Comfort

Communicate freely and eliminate ear discomfort and constant charging from headphones.  

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