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Wireless Teacher Microphone Set (AW315)

$ 449.95

Clear Audio to Students

Equipped with 2.4 GHz wireless technology and noise and speaker buzz reduction, this hands-free design not only gives teachers total freedom to interact with students, but also delivers their natural voice with clarity and stability. 

Protect Your Voice

Speaking with your “teaching voice” and under a mask can put a strain on your voice, potentially causing long-term vocal damage. Speak naturally into the AW315 microphone so students can clearly hear you, while also protecting yourself from voice strain and laryngitis.  

Supports Line and Mic Out Mode

Easily switch between line out and mic out modes. The line out mode is designed for common speaker systems with a 3.5 mm line in jack, such as PC speakers or projectors with a 15W or higher amplified speaker. The mic out mode is designed for classrooms with built-in audio systems and 6.3 mm microphone jacks. 

Optimal Range and Battery

50 to 60 ft. operating range with 8-hour battery life.

Easy Setup

Simply power on the microphone to automatically search and pair with the receiver. The microphone is also compatible with existing amplified speakers and interactive flat panels (IFP).  


Secure or hang the receiver against a wall or cabinet with the mounting-hole design.

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