AVerMedia Technologies Inc.

4K UHD Webcam PW515

$ 249.99
Vivid 4K Video:

The conference room camera provides brilliantly sharp video using advanced autofocus technology, with impressive color and exceptional optical accuracy at resolutions up to 4K. 

Sound your best anywhere:

The two built-in stereo conference microphones capture a wider and more immersive sound field naturally up to 3 m/9.8 ft. in all directions. The noise-reduction tech helps amplify the speaker’s natural voice and removes ambient noises. 

Look sharp in any light:

With low-light optimization, this laptop camera suppresses noise and retains excellent video quality in all lighting conditions to significantly upgrade image clarity for clearer conference calls. 

Smart Framing:

A simple hand gesture is all you need to activate the AI auto-framing feature to keep meeting participants effortlessly in the frame. 

Optimize your presentation: 

The built-in Webcam privacy cover keeps yourself safe and prevents unwanted security breaches. The USB 3.0 web camera comes with a 3-year standard warranty, 360° flexible swivel, and ¼” thread webcam tripod support. 

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